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What is Soft Tennis

Soft tennis is a kind of tennis which was developed in based on regular tennis. You can see its history, characteristics and some other pieces od information about soft tennis in the separate sections of this booklet, but its outline is as shown here. Soft tennis is similar to regular tennis and there are many things that are common to both soft tennis and regular tennis, but there are some differences. This is why this tennis is called “Soft Tennis”.

This causes to have developed unique features in soft tennis, such as lighter and more flexible rackets with lower string compression to fit for the soft balls, and unique techniques and game maneuvering to make the best use of the softness of the ball. You can hit the ball hard with a good and comfortable feeling and will find it easy to control the ball. With a soft ball, light racket, low string compression and reduced speed of the ball after bouncing on the court, everyone, irrespective of sex and age, can enjoy the play of soft tennis. So, our catchword “Soft Tennis for Anyone and Everyone” comes. In a doubles match, which is more popular in soft tennis, you can see breathtaking, varied rallies and destructive net plays. You will also be attracted by exciting and unique game maneuvering and impressive combination/cooperative plays shown by paired players. We assure you that you can enjoy these attractive features of soft tennis not only as player but also as a spectator of soft tennis.


Singles and doubles matches for men and women and mixed doubles are played, the same as in regular tennis. Singles matches are usually played by a one set, best of seven games system (the player who has won four games first wins the match), and doubles matches by a one set, best of nine games system (the pair who has won five games first wins the match). A game in a match is decided when either player/pair has won four points first. In the case where both players/pairs have won three points each in a game, it is called “deuce” and the game is continued until either of them has won two points continuously, the same as in regular tennis.


For events of soft tennis, there are individual and team competitions. Competitions are performed by a tournament and/or a round robin methods, depending on the number of participants.

A draw for a competition is usually decided by the competition organizer.

In a team event, all or a combination of singles and/or, doubles and/or mixed doubles matches, which are to be decided by a competition organizer, are competed in a tie, and a team which has won the majority of the matches has played wins the tie.

You can see these types of competitions typically in the World Soft Tennis Championships.