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15th Asian Games - soft tennis results
71 players from 10 countries took part on the soft tennis tournament of the 15th Asian Games held in December 2006 in Doha, Qatar.

Participating countries:
China, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Korea, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Tajikistan, Chinese Taipei

Women´s singles: 1. CHIANG Wan Chi (TPE)(4:1), 2. JIANG Ting (CHN), TSUJI Miwa (JPN)

Men´s singles: 1. WANG Chun Yen (TPE)(4:2), 2. SHINOHARA Hidenori (JPN), NAM Taek Ho (KOR)

Women´s doubles: 1. GYOKUSEN Harumi, UESHIMA Ayumi (JPN)(5:4,7:3), 2. HAMANAKA Hiromi, TSUJI Miwa (JPN), 3. KIM Kyung Ryun, LEE Kyung Pyo (KOR)

Men´s doubles: 1. LI Chia Hung, YANG Sheng Fa (TPE)(5:3), 2. KIM Jae Bok, YOU Young Dong (KOR), 3. NAKAHORI Shigeo, TAKAGAWA Tsuneo (JPN)

Mixed doubles: 1.KIM Ji Eun, WE Hyu Hwan (KOR)(5:2), 2. KIM Kyung Ryun, YOU Young Dong (KOR), 3. GYOKUSEN Harumi, TAKAGAWA Tsuneo (JPN)

Women´s teams: 1. KOREA (2:1), 2. JAPAN, 3. CHINESE TAIPEI
Final matches:
MIN Soo Kyoung, LEE Bok Soon (KOR) x GYOKUSEN Harumi, UESHIMA Ayumi (JPN) - 2:5
KIM Kyung Ryun (KOR) x TSUJI Miwa (JPN) - 4:3 (7:5)
KIM Ji Eun, LEE Kyung Pyo (KOR) x UEHARA Eri, HAMANAKA Hiromi (JPN) - 5:4 (7:1)

Men´s teams: 1. JAPAN (2:1), 2. CHINESE TAIPEI, 3. KOREA
Final matches:
HANADA Naoya, KAWAMURA Tatsuro (JPN) x LI Chia Hung, YANG Sheng Fa (TPE) - 1:5
SHINOHARA Hidenori (JPN) x WANG Chun Yen (TPE) - 4:1
NAKAHORI Shigeo, TAKAGAWA Tsuneo (JPN) x LIN Shun Wu, YEH Chia Lin (TPE) - 5:3

For the detailed information on the Asian Games follow this link:
4th Hungarian Soft Tennis Championships
The 4th Hungarian Soft Tennis Championships took place in Grand Slam Park in Budapest. The Winners:
Ladies singles: Dóra Pásztor
Ladies Doubles: Dóra Pásztor-Edina Berghoffer
Men singles: Sándor Szabó
Men doubles: Sándor Szabó-Márton Sefcsik
Mixed doubles: Dóra Wilhelm-Sándor Szabó

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15.12.2006 Asia's take on tennis: loose rackets and rubber balls
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Soft Tennis lessons in Spain
Our spanish friends Mrs. Eva Soto and Mr. Hector Ortiz kindly informed us, they have their junior and senior soft tennis teams and they keep on enlarging the number of players. They are also looking forward to meet other players in Europe soon. See the pictures in gallery as well.
Pictures from Czech Soft Tennis Open 2006
Pictures from Czech Soft Tennis Open 2006 were added to Photo galleries. Click here to fast access.
Soft Tennis Promotion in Poland
There were a soft tennis promotion in Poland, in the town of Grodzisk Mazowiecki. From June 2nd till June 4th some polish tennis players tried soft tennis first time. Czech players Roman Fojtik and Lukas Trefil showed them couple of games and practised with them. Some of the polish players are interested to come to participate on the Czech junior tournament in August and on the adult tournament in Hungary in November.
Czech Soft Tennis Open 2006