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Pictures from5th Hungarian International Soft Tennis Tournament
To see pictures from the 5th Hungarian International Soft Tennis Tournament, tha tare not in gallery on this site:
4th European Soft Tennis Championships
4th European Soft Tennis Championships will take place in Brno, Czech Republic from July 17th till 20th. Th schedule is as follows:
July 17th - 16:00- 20:00 practise
July 18th - 9:00 oficial opening ceremony, singles
July 19th - 12:00 doubles competition
July 20th - 9:00 mixed doubles competition and oficial closing ceremony
Participants from Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria already registered.
In case of any questions, do not hesitate to ask, please: Mr. Lubomir Suda lubomir  or +420 777970766.
The tournament is open for free for all the spectators!
Looking forward to see you in Brno!

Lubomir Suda
16th Asian Games - 2010 Guangzhou, China
The 16th Asian Games will take place in Guanzhou, China from November 12th till 27th. Soft Tennis tournament will be part of it. Soft Tennis is a sport of the Asian games since 1994. For details click here: 16th Asian Games
Soft Tennis presentation in USA
The presentation of soft tennis in USA by Mr. Yasuhiko Nagase - executive vicepresident fo Nagase Kenko Corporation.

Lubomir Suda
Brazilian video from 13th World Soft Tennis Championships
You can watch the brazilian video from  13th World Soft Tennis Championships in Anseong, Korea 2007:

Lubomir Suda
13th World Soft Tennis Championships 2007 - Opening Ceremony Video
Click to watch the video from the scenic opening ceremony of the 13th World Soft Tennis Championships, held in Anseong, Korea in September 2007:

Lubomir Suda
Polish team participated on 7th Chinese Cup - Taizhou, China - July 2008
Polish team was the only one from Europe participating this year on Chinese Cup, this time held in Taizhou. You can look at the photos from that event:

The detailed results of this tournament will follow in a short time.

Lubomir Suda
Czech Soft Tennis Open 2008

This ESTF 2nd class tournament is prepared by Czech Soft Tennis Union, from 2nf till 4th May 2005. Tournament will take place on Hamr Sport courts (more about courts on At this time teams Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Netherslands, Russia and Japan are registrated. The tournament has a patronage of the Mayor of Prague, Dr. Pavel Bem. For the detailed information ask Mr. Lubomir Suda:


Photo galleries
After solvoing the problems with the website all the photo galleries are back. All the results from the tournaments should be posted as well. If you find inaccuracies or mistakes or you miss some of the information, let me know, please:
I would like to appologize to everybody who is looking for the latest results and prictures from the tournaments (Dutch Open). Due to the webhosting provider change, there are some technical problems with updating the website. I am doing my best to solve it as soon as possible.
At least you can find the first three fixed tournaments for the year 2008. (see the tournament schedule section)